Dr. Tang received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, under the supervision of Dr. Xiapu Luo and Dr. Hareton Leung. He received his B.Sc in Computer Science from Jilin University. His research interests include software engineering (product line; program understanding; testing), blockchain, machine learning (NLP; deep) and empirical study. He is a member of IEEE, HKCS, and EuroSys.


[2020-07] Our paper titled "Demystifying Diehard Android Apps" has been accepted to ASE'20.
[2020-06] Our paper titled "Simplified Deep Forest Model based Just-In-Time Defect Prediction for Android Mobile Apps" has been accepted to QRS'20.
[2020-05] Our paper titled "All Your App Links are Belong to Us: Understanding the Threats of Instant Apps based Attacks" has been accepted to ESEC/FSE'20.
[2019-11] Our paper titled "Resource Race Attacks on Android" has been accepted to SANER'20.
[2019-08] Our paper titled "Demystifying Application Performance Management Libraries for Android" has been accepted to ASE'19.
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