We have a bunch of other active projects in stealth mode, which in fact we are actually working on.

Some demo videos can be found on: Youtube channel

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[FSE'20] All Your App Links are Belong to Us: Understanding the Threats of Instant Apps based Attacks

Android Security Artefacts


[ASE'19] Demystifying Application Performance Management Libraries for Android

Android Library Performance Artefacts

An IntelliJ IDEA plugin for building APL

Android Software Product Line

[SANER'17] Loong: A colored IDE for feature mining and annotation

Software Product Line Java Artefacts

[ICPC'17] LoongFMR: Feature model recovery toolkit

Software Product Line Java Artefacts


[SANER'20] Resource Race Attacks on Android

Android Security Artefacts

[ASE'20] Demystifying Diehard Android Apps

Android Diehard App Security Artefacts