Research Prototypes and Tools

Loong: A colored IDE for feature mining and annotation
LoongFMR: Feature model recovery toolkit
caIDE: An IntelliJ IDEA plugin for building APL
EdoDroid EdoDroid: A static analysis tool for Android with IC3 support
Panda A C/C++ Program ANalyzer for program Dependency GrAph, which based on LLVM and SVF
GithubBugReportExplorer A python script that automatically extract bug reports with in a given repository and export to a xml file.
A python script that automatically extract apps (in apks format) from Amazon App Store.
PlaydroneLegacyDownloader A bash script for playdrone legacy.
AEGooglePlayCrawler An Android emulator based Google Play Store Crawler Framework (bash+py+java).

Online Artefacts