Yutian Tang
Curriculum Vitae
2013–2018 Ph.D., The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
Department of Computing
2009–2013 Bachelor, Jilin University, Changchun, P.R.China.
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Research Interests
Software product line, configurable system, bug prediction, system security and profiling;
Working Experience
2018–Curr Member of JetBrains Marketplace Early Access Program
, Marketing Group,
2018–Curr Research Intern
, Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic
2017–2018 Part-time Research Assistant
, Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Poly-
technic University.
Involve in RGC project with Hong Kong Government.
{ Implement a crawler tool named inappcrawler for Google Play with Scrapy framework;
{ Decompile and analyse the Google Service Framework with Apktool, dex2jar, and JD;
{ Implement an Android app testing tool named mumu;
2014–2015 Part-time Student Helper
, Educational Development Centre, The Hong Kong
Polytechnic University.
{ Enrol in course team for designing course material and present those online;
{ Develop the front-end webpage for the department;
- Skill-set: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Android, Java backend;
- Tools: Android Studio, Dreamweaver;
- Ability: Programming, problem solving, team work;
Zhou Xu, Jin Liu, Xiapu Luo, Zijiang Yang, Yifeng Zhang, Peipei Yuan,
, Tao Zhang,“Software Defect Prediction Based on Kernel PCA and Weighted
Extreme Learning Machine”. Information and Software Technology.
Xuejiao Zhao, Hongwei Li,
Yutian Tang
, Dongjing Gao, Lingfeng Bao, Chinghung
Lee,“A Smart Context-aware Program Assistant based on Dynamic Programming
Event Modeling”.
In Proceedings of 29th The 29th IEEE International Symposium
on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE), accepted
B chris.yttang@hotmail.com Í www.chrisyttang.org
Zhou Xu, Shuai Li,
Yutian Tang
, Xiapu Luo, Tao Zhang, Jin Liu, Jun Xu,“Cross
Version Defect Prediction with Representative Data via Sparse Subset Selection”.
In Proceedings of 26th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension
(ICPC), pp 132-143.
2017 Yutian Tang
, Hareton Leung, “StiCProb: A Novel Feature Mining Approach Using
Conditional Probability”,
In Proceedings of 24th IEEE International Conference on
Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER) pp 45-55.
2017 Yutian Tang
, Hareton Leung, “Constructing Feature Model by Identifying Variability-
aware Modules”,
In Proceedings of 25th IEEE International Conference on Program
Comprehension (ICPC) pp 263-274.
2015 Yutian Tang
, Hareton Leung, “Top-down Feature Mining Framework for Software
Product Line”,
In Proceedings of International Conference on Enterprise Information
System (ICEIS) pp 71-81.
Professional Qualifications & Membership
2017 Member of ISACA
2017 Student Member of IEEE, and HKCS
Intermediate Title of Software Engineer (China Qualification Certificate of Computer
Science Technology Proficiency)
Projects and Tools
Mumu: An Extension of Monkeyrunner for Testing Android Apps.
Implement a wrapper for Monkeyrunner testing tool, with additional function of recording
testing script, playback, and collecting extra information during execution;
{ Implement a tool for monkey log understanding;
{ Skillset: IntelliJ, Java, Android;
caIDE, Colored IDE for Android Apps.
Implement an colored IDE as an Android Studio plugin, which allows developers to
highlight color fragments with different background colors;
caIDE allows developers find functions/service and underlying interactions between these
{ Skillset: IntelliJ, Java, Android;
Google-Play-Spider and APK understanding Tool.
Hong Kong SAR government project under RGC entitled “Improving Mobile Users’ Privacy
Decisions via Exposing Unexpected Sensitive Operations in Hardened Apps”;
Implements a crawler tool for scanning and downloading free apks from Google Play with
Scrapy framework and SQLite DB;
{ Skillset: Scrapy, SQLite, Python;
2016-2017 TypeC, Eclipse plugin toolkit for conditional compilation with CDT.
Rewrite the CDT parser for processing all possible configuration options with a single
Implement the analysis framework for understanding configuration and find valid configu-
ration with a single iteration;
{ Skillset: Java, Eclipse CDT, plugin, C;
{ URL:http://www.chrisyttang.org/typec/
B chris.yttang@hotmail.com Í www.chrisyttang.org
2016-2017 LoongFMR
Eclipse plugin toolkit for product line architecture understanding with
Implement the main framework, comparison approaches using graph optimisation, NLP,
and static analysis;
{ Except the static analysis, architectures are extracted and presented;
{ Skillset: Java, Eclipse JDT, plugin;
{ URL:http://www.chrisyttang.org/loong_fmr/
2015-2016 Loong, Eclipse plugin toolkit for product line understanding with JDT.
{ Implement the main framework and details for product line analysis;
Implement static analysis, including build the program database(AST based), control
flow, data flow, points-to analysis;
{ Data extraction and analysis with R;
{ Skillset: Java, Eclipse JDT, plugin;
{ URL:http://www.chrisyttang.org/loong/
2015-2016 Course project, P2P data sharing toolkit on Android.
{ A course project, which aims at implementing a p2p data sharing;
{ Enable p2p chat, audio/video transformation/sharing over XMPP and SIP;
{ Skillset: Android, Socket;
{ Implement the data sharing module for text, video, and audio;
{ OO Programming: Java, Python, C++, Android;
{ Web: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Java, Php, Spring+MyBatis;
{ DB: MySQL, MongoDB;
{ Framework: Eclipse (JDT, CDT), IntelliJ, Soot, Boot, Eclipse plugin, Matlab;
{ Android-related tools: Apktool, dex2jar, Robotium, Monkeyrunner;
COMP3235, Software Project Management, Department of Computing.
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
, Department of Computing.
2015-2016(1) COMP4911, Capstone Project, Department of Computing.
2015-2016(2) COMP3211, Software Engineering, Department of Computing.
2014-2015 COMP3235, Software Project Management, Department of Computing.
2013-2014(1) COMP309, System Programming, Department of Computing.
2013-2014(2) COMP322
Enterprise Information Systems Project Implementation
, Department
of Computing.
{ Dr. Denial Xiapu Luo, Assistant Professor @ HK PolyU, Email:csxluo@comp.polyu.edu.hk;
{ Dr. Hareton Leung, Associate Professor @ HK PolyU, Email: cshleung@comp.polyu.edu.hk;
{ Dr. Ting Chen, Associate Professor @UESTC P. R. China, Email: brokendragon@uestc.edu.cn;
{ Dr. Liu Yan Wang, Dennis, Teaching Fellow @ HK PolyU, Email: csdennis@comp.polyu.edu.hk
B chris.yttang@hotmail.com Í www.chrisyttang.org